Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Date of Last Submission

31st October 2022

Date of Publication

1st December 2022

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The Village Crier is a non-profit making newsletter serving the people of Abernethy, Aberargie, Dron and surrounding area, published by a committee of unpaid volunteers who collect, edit and present for publication submissions received from residents of, former residents of, or people with an interest in,  the area. The Village Crier is published quarterly and delivered free to all residences in the area by unpaid volunteers. It is financed by advertising.

The aims of the publication can be best explained in Hilda Clow’s leader published in the first edition and reproduced below..  

There is an old saying "No news is good news" but I realise the majority of people in Abernethy would dispute this. It is a number of years now since we last had a newsletter in the area and since the village continues to expand it is important that those living here are aware of what is going on and know a little bit about the area itself.

To try to keep everyone informed, it is proposed to get a Newsletter going again and to issue it quarterly, free of charge. To do do this successfully it is necessary to have the help and co-operation of the organisations already operating, firstly by publishing contact names and telephone numbers usually that of the secretary of the organisation. Dates of events could be published and this one hopes would cut down the "clashing" of events. Also help would be required  with distribution.

'Ihe start is modest - one double-sided A4 but hopefully when information, and news accumulates we should be able to expand and of course the views of the readers are of primary importance.

Hilda Clow