Abernethy, Aberargie and Dron News

Last date for submissions

31st October 2022

Date of publication

1st December 2022


I moved to Abernethy in September 2007 as I was looking for a new home after a separation.

I had one main factor to consider when searching, could I do stargazing from the house? Weavers Cottage ticked that box.

I met Hilda and Bobby (Clow) in Struan who gave a warm welcome and a few healthy drams. Joe and Irene (McLaren) also offered a warm welcome, a friendship that grew along with Hilda and Bobby. Hilda moved to Bridge of Earn, and always knocks my door when delivering “The Crier”, she’s always welcomed. Alan and Doreen (Fraser) moved into Struan House and they too have become great and helpful neighbours and friends. I am really blessed having amazing neighbours.

They all probably wondered what was going on in the winter months in the early hours of the morning hearing clunks and the odd curse of me slipping in the garden. I was of course setting up my telescope equipment.

The Crees played a big part for me in the early days, meeting some new people and eventually running quizzes for Brian and the Museum committee. These were fun nights.

I organised a three night Star Camp at Powrie Park a few years ago which was a success and ran an outreach night on the Saturday where villagers could come and look through the many telescopes. The Planetarium in The Pavilion also was a real favourite. There may be another small stargazing event soon, fingers crossed.

Later on, I had the opportunity to help setting up a Community Cinema in The Williamson Hall. A great facility enjoyed by many villagers. Covid closed us for a couple of years, but we hope to remedy that soon, watch this space!

Here are a few pics from the early days! Who remembers the tall trees in the “horsey field”?

I couldn’t write of all the great times Abernethy has bestowed on me, but this newcomer is glad he found Abernethy!

David Millar