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31st October 2022

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1st December 2022


June 2011

Hi, my name is Cameron Rodger and I’m the new junior editor of the Village Crier. I was nine in May and I live in Glenfoot. My family members are my Mum, my Dad, my Brother James and my Sister Heather. I am in P4 at Abernethy Primary School and  my hobbies are cycling, playing the drums, model railways, drawing and writing stories. I hope to encourage more articles from the kids in the Rainbows, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Youth Club, Brownies, Guides, etc. Let me know at school if there is anything else you would like to see in the children’s section.


Hello again, it’s me, Cameron. In this article I will tell you a bit about my summer holidays.

In the first 2 weeks of the school holidays I went to a tiny caravan site in a farmer’s field near Carlisle. For the first week, my Grandma and Grandad came with us too, in their caravan.

My highlight of the holiday was going down a lead mine. We learnt all about it and we also collected lead ore and minerals such as fluorspar. We had good weather most of the

time. We went for walks and played badminton in the field. James and I practised our pipes and drums and played for the farmer and our neighbours!

We came home on Friday, and on Sunday, I left Broxden by bus to go to France with my dad and brother with the pipe band for a music festival. It was very hot in France. We were in a town called Le Puy en Velay. On 2 nights while we were there, we went to 2 different families for a meal. One of the families couldn’t really speak any English and we couldn’t really speak any French! The other family like to play golf. They said they will come and visit us when they come to play at St. Andrews. They have a son called Louis who is going to be my pen pal.

Next weekend I am going away in my caravan again to Glasgow. While I’m there I will be playing in the World Pipe Band Championships. I’ll let you know in my next article how we got on!



Hello everyone (again!)

Bonfire night was a blast!  Hope yours was good as well. Anyway, I’d better get down to business.  Christmas will be here soon (in...how many weeks?) I really shouldn’t be talking about it just now. So there are some things in past articles that I said I’d tell you about. First of all I’d like to tell you about how I got on at the world pipe band championships. The drummers came 9th out of 21. Second ,I’d like to tell you about how I got on at Pitlochry highland games. The drummers came 1st out of 20 and the pipers came 2nd out of 20.

This October we went to Spain for our holidays – it was really sunny. Where did you all go for your holidays? Maybe you could send in a story about your holidays for the next edition. We had the Scottish Opera coming into school last week to sing with us – Forgendenny school also came too.

 Remembrance Sunday is coming up this Sunday and I’ve also got the Perth Burns poetry competition which last year I came 1st  in but I don’t  think I’ll come first this year.  

What sort of things are all you Abernethy kids up to? What groups or sports do you do? Please write in and tell us – it doesn’t have to be pages long.

See you again


JUNE 2012

 I apologise for not having an article in the last Crier as I was ill, however I am here writing this article now.

I hope you enjoyed the Easter holidays because I certainly did!

At school, P5 are organising a diamond jubilee street party on the 4th of June, we are hoping to invite everyone to this event. I am on the entertainment committee so if you have a talent you could use to entertain us all, please get in touch!

In the Perth Diamond Jubilee celebrations I am going to be playing in the samba band and hopefully the 1000 pipers parade. This will be on the North Inch the same day as the kilt run. I hope the sun comes out!


Hello, I’m Heather Rodger.

I joined Abernethy Brownies in August 2011 and since then I’ve had lots of fun. I’ve earned five badges so far and a few weeks ago I made my promise. I was given my promise badge, my pack badge – 1st Abernethy Brownies and my six badge – foxes. I was also given a badge book.

Just now I am working on my writer’s badge which is why I’m writing this article! If any other girls out there aged 7-9 are thinking about joining Brownies, please come along – it’s great fun!